Wellness Experts
George Leon:

Mr George Leon, an expert on Metabolic Physical and Nutritional Biochemistry. Founder of Eucrasia and leader team of the scientific team. George has more than twenty years of experience as a Molecular nutritionist and more than fifteen years of experience as a scientific partner of athletic unions and federations worldwide.
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Dimitris Kouretas:
Mr Dimitris Kouretas, PhD, Professor and Vice Rector University of Thessaly. Αn expert on molecular mechanisms of antioxidant activity of plant phenolic.
Oxidative stress & exercise,  antioxidant activities of plant extracts, bio functional foods in exercise.
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Sergey Manik:

Mr Sergey Manik has worked as a professional therapist for over 20 years. His approach includes detox, deep tissue, holistic, thai and Ayurveda massages . His traditional therapeutic background is complemented by his vast knowledge of different alternative practices.
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